A box of bits


Bits in a box

I have collected a box of bits.   There’s some useful things in the box including a registration plate.   My little project is an A registration which will make it a 1983/84 model all being well.   Far more interestingly the plate shows that it was purchased from “Tony Wilkins Motorcycle Centre” in Wellingborough, Northants.  It’s a small world.  I purchased a Yamaha FZR600 from the very same place is 1988.  Sadly the shop is no more so I won’t be able to ask them anything about the bike.

Also revealed in the box are the side panels.   Little Project (it has become capitalised – next I shall be giving it a gender, then a name. Sentimentality will be the end of me) is actually a CT125.   This matches well with David’s “Australian Dirt Bike” description but it makes me wonder how it got to Northampton and when it arrived in London.   There’s also a petrol tank and a speedometer in the box.  Current mileage is showing at 9722.1 miles.   If it ever gets further than that I shall eat my hat.

I have emailed Honda UK to see what help they can give me on the specification.   Wikipedia says there are several UK bikes that are pretty much the same spec.   The pictures lead me to think otherwise.


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