Stumped by the Aussies

So, Honda UK have replied to my email regarding information on the bike…

“Thank you for your recent contact. This model was never sold in the UK so we cannot assist you with your enquiry”.  That’s useful!

Honda Australia – You’ve let me down as well.   Not a hint of a reply.   If I emigrate to Australia I shall only buy from Yamaha.   I also tried Australia’s “biggest and best bikers forum”.   Very kindly, Phil01 replied to my request with “Try Postman Pat”.  Oh the humour of the colonists thrills me on a daily basis.   It’s back to Wikipedia and the vaguest hint that the CT125 is just an XL125 with a single seat.

Ebay is a great source.   Parts that fit my bike also fit a bunch of others, so I should be sorted for cables and clutches and possibly a piston. The boy found a breakers yard (sorry, wreckers) that he’s offered to pop in to if I want any parts collecting.   Not sure whether his little car is going to make it to Alice Springs and back on a regular basis but I’ll bear it in mind.  An email to them did elicit a reply but sadly not to the question that I asked.

I think the bike was also sold in the USA for one year only in 1977.  I may have to resort to begging our cousins on the other side of the pond to start rooting around the local wreckers for bits.


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