The transporter part 1.

Hmmm. Little Project is sitting a mile away.  It’s only a mile (1.6km for those of a metric bent).  Can’t be that difficult.

A leisurely walk to visit Little Project ensued.   I’ve a warm coat, a bag of carefully selected tools and a child’s scooter (it’s all downhill so it makes it quicker).

The bike isn’t exactly seized.  It’s more that it just doesn’t want to move.   Firstly (I only spotted this after 10 minutes of heaving) it was in gear.  The gearbox seems to work as it clicked beautifully into neutral.   Still, there’s a truculence associated with locomotion.

The tyres are both flat.   No problems.   There’s a little pump in the bag.   Front tyre is more than happy to inflate. a short burst of elbow grease and up she goes.   Back tyre? Pump, pump, pump, pump, and so on.  You get the picture.  Seems that the valve is damaged.  I have another plan…

Rummage in the bag and find a length of rope. (It is only a small bag, but very carefully packed).  I reckon with a some lateral thinking and some muscle I can strap the back wheel of the bike onto the scooter and hey presto.  Instant transporter!

Sadly, scooter handle does not shrink enough to allow the wheel to sit on the scooter.  I tried, oh how I tried.  I even managed to get onto the street before everything fell off.   I need a plan B.


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