What I need is…

I have managed to look at Little Project in daylight for the first time.  Oh dear.

On the positive side.   I have found a 10mm spanner.   It is a well-known fact that the maintenance of a Japanese motorcycle involves lots of use of the 10mm and the entity known as the 10mm fairy steals them on a regular basis.  I suspect that the Jihadist motorcycle engineer, when returned to paradise is presented with 72 10mm spanners.

Moving on to the visual inspection of Little Project.  Imagine if you will, a scene from a typical cop show.  There is a body to be autopsied and so the pathologist, in a spotless room, bedecked in scrubs and a mask.  Gloved with hands held high, circles the corpse commenting first on obvious signs of trauma.   I’ve sort of done the same but wearing cargo pants and an old tee shirt and squeezing past Little Project as it drips dirt and rust onto the shed floor.

I need a seat.   There’s no sign of a seat.   Finding a seat is going to become a priority (I know this because I have searched every single bit of the internet already, the last one in existence seems to have been sold in Holland for 295 euros).

I’m going to be an optimist.  The gearbox (lever) works fine.

I need some brakes.  Front and rear.  Please assume from now on, everything is front and rear or left and right.

It doesn’t really matter that the brakes need replacing, because even if they didn’t, there would be no way to apply the bloody things.  Yup, I need both handlebar levers and a brake pedal.

There’s a shortage of lights.  There’s a rear light but it is standing alone in its attempt to illuminate (and indicate) the Little Project world.   I know there were lights because there’s switch gear for them.   Sadly, the switch gear isn’t really connected to anything so I also need a wiring loom.  Even with a wiring loom I would still be up the creek as I need an ignition switch as well.

Cables.  They are pretty essential.  I have all of the cables.  Unfortunately the innards are rusted.  They have the cable equivalent of far too much cholesterol running through their veins.

I need an exhaust.  Oh, how I need an exhaust.   The one that I thought might be okay actually looks like this (after use of the 10mm spanner to remove it).


I need mudguards.  Actually, I want mudguards.  The front one is a pattern one and still relatively in one piece but I shall make every effort to damage it because it looks out of place.

I am not even going to mention tyres.  They count as consumables so every bike – Little Project or not – needs them at some stage.

I think I need rear shocks.  Actually, looking at the list of things I do need, I need a defibrillator.

Chains, sprockets? Yup.   They look like this.


So, not so bad then!  The absolutely tragic part though.  The heartbreaking Little Project news is that the engine is seized solid.   The reason for removing the exhaust (other than it pretty much fell off when I poked it) was to take a look at the nice shiny exhaust manifold. Hmmm.


For those that don’t know.   The bit inside the hole should be clean and tidy and there shouldn’t be any cobwebs in it. I checked this with a quick text to Valentino Rossi and he had a look in his manifold and confirmed that there were no cobwebs.

Still, onwards and upwards.  It would be boring if it was simple.

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