Little Project Olympics

The summer of 2012 was an enjoyable time to be in London.   There was an optimism around the place that started with the Jubilee and grew massively during the Olympics.   I’m not sure whether the feel good factor spread nationwide but for a few weeks, London was the place to be.

I have been pondering the costs of Little Project.  Justifying the expense of rebuilding the bike was proving difficult so I thought maybe I could relate it to something else tangible and measurable.   The Olympics are recent enough to still be fresh in the mind and I have numbers at my fingertips.  I think it is safe to say from the start the cost of Little Project is not going to reach anything like the cost of building the Olympic Park, or even the amount of money lost by G4S for failing to employ sufficient staff.   Ticket prices though…

The total budget for Little Project is around the price of two tickets in a prime location for the day that the 100m final took place, or one ticket for the closing ceremony.  That’s not so bad.  Restoring the bike is going to keep me quiet for a lot longer than either of those events.

Two wheels, sandblasted and re-spoked.  With a tyre for each wheel.   Same price as one front row ticket for the beach volleyball finals.  Which would you prefer?

A family of four could have had an entertaining day at the preliminary sessions of Artistic Gymnastics, or they could replace their rear suspension and have some change.

Brake shoes or a burger and a soft drink?   A couple out for a bite in the Olympic Park could sort out my stopping worries (obviously I won’t have these until I have some motion in the first place).

Fencing involves those long wires and electronic bits to record a strike, or a stab or whatever it is called.   A good comparison for my electrical issues.  The cheapest ticket at the fencing final resolves the wiring loom and ignition systems.

My three tickets to see the mighty Gabon play South Korea at Wembley (along with a couple of pints and a foot long hot dog each) match almost exactly to the cost of the front and rear mudguards.

It all makes it seem a little bit more affordable. Perhaps when finished, the bike could get a guest appearance as the Derny in the cycling Keirin event.  Maybe I should have the Olympic rings painted somewhere onto the bodywork.


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