Shiny Shiny Shiny

“Fortune brings in some boats that are not steer’d”.  Or so Pisanio reckoned in Shakespeare’s Cymbaline.

I awoke at the weekend with the thought that I have a lot of bits of Little Project that were once chrome plated and now resemble a dalmatian dog in their spottiness (albeit a silver and rust dalmatian rather than the sort that Cruella wishes to turn into a fine and warm smock).

I pondered over this whilst cutting and drilling and drilling and cutting (I will be trying plan C(iii) this weekend) and came up with the thought that doing my own plating can’t be that much of a challenge.   After all, I probably only need a plastic bucket, a bit of solution with the correct chemicals in it, some electrodes and some electricity.   How difficult can it be?

A bit more difficult than I thought, but not impossible.  Rather than run the risk of exploding the shed and maybe forever corrupting the local water table with chemicals I decided to post on a local forum.    Quite simply: “Does anybody know if it is possible to do home chrome plating and if so, how do you do it?”.

This local forum is frequented with all sorts of requests, common ones are “Does anyone have a thing I can borrow to fix my whatsit” and “Can you recommend a local plumber to fix my pipes”, so my post was more in hope than expectation.

I wasn’t expecting the reply “Do you know how to put up a fence?”.

It would appear that a friendly chemistry teacher has all of the talent and facilities to handle my chrome plating.  I just need to purchase some chromium, they probably sell it in Lidl, between the beans and the hairdriers.  Those of you who have shopped in Lidl will know what I mean.    Said chemistry teacher has a downed fence that needs replacing so for the effort of erecting a fence I will get my plating done.  Fortune indeed, even though Little Project is not a boat!

Seat is continuing its valiant imaginary journey.   It will have hiked along the Nepalese/Tibetan border before swinging a hard right to pass through Western China and avoid the troubled provinces of Kashmir and North-eastern Afghanistan.   If it keeps up a goodly pace then by next week it will be skipping across Northern Russia into Ukraine.  I am expecting a telex from Chernobyl.


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