One small step for bike…

Four weeks.   Four bloody weeks of drilling, sawing and hammering and today I finally removed the part that other tools could not reach.   The moment when I realised it was finally shifting was just a touch exciting.  I had thought at one stage that it would never come out so now that it is finally shifted I can get on and do the rest of work.   The old part and the new part look like this.  Can you guess which is which?


So that’s it.   All I have to do now is drill out a few bolts that are rusted into the frame, remove the steering head and replace the bearings and we shift from strip mode to build mode.   When I say “All”, the steering head assembly has seen better days.


but that’s okay. I have no fear that it will not come off.   Because the weather is rather inclement, I have no power at all in the shed so here’s a few pictures of what goes on in there.  This could be a bottle of port or it could be the box containing all of the rusty nuts and bolts.


The tools line themselves up like little soldiers, waiting to do battle with whatever obstacles Little Project can through at it.


This bit will be the last bit to go on.   There’s a bit of work to get it back to a decent state but fortunately there is no rust.


Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.  You can go to the start of Little Project by clicking on this link


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