Madam Tinkertoys House of Blue Lights

I haven’t heard from Seat for a while.  By my reckoning it has now been traveling for 32 days on a boat.  I wonder if it gets sea sick?   In the virtual adventures of Seat it has another 24 days before it gets here.   I suspect that virtual Seat is holed up in Eastern Europe sheltering from a storm.

There are other parts however for whom tracking their location is a doddle.  Craig at Generation Cycle kindly sent me the UPS tracking details for the parts that he has provided.   Craig has been a perfect supplier apart from the fact that he mentioned that it was 95 degrees where he was and he refused to put some sunshine in the parcel he was sending.

The UPS thing is brilliant.   My parts left Generation Cycle and went to Riverside CA, then to Ontario CA.  On to Philadelphia where they were checked to ensure they were not drugs or explosive (as if Little Project would ever have an explosive event!) and then on to Newark.  From Newark they went to Stansted and it seems they are now at Castle Donnington (perhaps taking a look around the fine motor museum there).

I’m fairly sure that they would have done a better job by skipping the Castle Donnington bit and coming straight to me, but it is still good to know where everything is.   They should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow.  There’s also a case of wine due to arrive tomorrow so I’ll do well not to get them confused.

Seeing the journey across the States that the bits had made, if they’d headed South East instead of North East they could have followed the path of Wyatt and Billy in Easy Rider and that made me think that it might be another trip to tackle, along with Seat’s journey back to Australia.   It also made me wonder what sort of distance the parts being shipped to me are covering.   With the power of the internet I can get a close approximation.   The grand total so far is 16,715 miles.   I have deemed these to be Little Project miles and you can, if you are really interested (I wouldn’t bother, it’s not that exciting)  find a breakdown here.

I think that Little Project’s song for the US trip would probably be “Born to be mild” and I bet that Seat will be far more comfortable than the one on Peter Fonda’s bike.   I would of course stay well away from any establishments resembling the one in the title of this post.

The big Little Project news for this weekend is that I have found a Motor Cycle Auto Jumble (capitals, I am just SO excited) to visit.   Even better news is that the MCAJ (sure as heck not typing all that in again) is a monthly event and the top news is that it is held at Kempton racecourse, all of 5 miles away from home.   I hope that the remains of all of the rest of the CT125’s in the country are going to be bundled into a corner somewhere for me to load in the car and take home.


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