A pen pal for Little Project

Have I mentioned that spares for Little Project are hard to come by?   They are (at least in the UK) about as available as horse feathers.   The bits that are shared with other bikes that were sold in our green and pleasant land are a little less difficult to source as NOS providing you don’t mind paying some steep prices for them and second hand parts are thinly available through eBay and gumtree and the like.

What I need is to be part of a buying consortium.   Groupon for Honda CT125’s.   All I need is to find a select group of discerning motorcycle enthusiasts who recognise that big isn’t always better and there are many merits in plodding around at 40 mph on a vehicle designed for rounding up sheep.

It was with some surprise that I received an email from Martyn.   You’ll never guess!  He’s just picked up a CT125 that he is planning to restore.  In his search for information about it he came across the number one blog  (probably) for restoring “Ag bikes” as the Aussies call them.  Martyn is pretty local to me compared to most of the other CT125 owners in the world as he lives just up the road in the Scottish Borders, a mere six (twelve by CT125) hours away.  I’ve shown Martyn mine and he’s shown me his…

P1020516     P1020553

It looks in almost pristine condition compared to Little Project.  It also looks like he is doing the strip down of the bike in his kitchen, but I bet there’s a good explanation for that.   I’m sure that as his restoration goes on I will post some more photo’s and look on with some jealousy as his bike comes together.  Good luck Martyn.

I was worried about Seat.   Strangely, so are several other people.    The most common question asked of me in the last few weeks hasn’t been “Are you okay?” or even “Would you like a pint?”.  It has been “What has happened to Seat?”.   You may remember that it was last heard of somewhere in Russia.   I sent a text to my good friend Vladimir Putin to see if he had any news.  He said “Сиденье был арестован за пьянство. В тюрьме в течение 14 дней.”. 

That can’t be good.   I knew that Seat would meet some dodgy people on his travels but I didn’t expect this.  I shall be expecting to hear in person from Seat shortly.


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