I have had this broom for 15 years.

This broom I’ve had for 15 years.  It has had 5 new handles and three new heads.  Is it still the same broom I bought back in 1998?

Some useful things to remember when restoring a motor cycle (or any vehicle, probably).

1.  Pay someone else to do it instead but pretend that you are doing all the work.

2.  Wear gloves.   All of the time.

3.  If something seems really easy then you are doing it wrong.

5.  Don’t miss anything out.

6.  Do not use cheap tools or spares.

7.  If you purchase something off eBay, it will not fit (unless you purchase it from me).

I have changed my mind about what to do at least a dozen times since last weekend.   I was of a mind to build HOAP but I think it would probably be better to use the bits off HOAP to make Little Project complete.  I am so decided on this that I’ve put a few bits of HOAP (mostly swaps) onto eBay.  Please feel free to bid stupid amounts for them all.

I spend the weekend fitting new, pattern parts.  Steering head bearings and fork seals.   Steering head bearings are easy peasy as long as you have a big enough hammer.   You could probably do them with your eyes closed.    I thought that the fork seals were going to be equally simple.   Let me tell you, if you remove the stanshion (shiny bit) from the fork and look inside the fork leg and it looks like this

Fork Seals

Then someone before you has had a really bad day.   The dark browny green bits are the remains of a fork seal from around the same time that Reginald Perrin walked out of Sunshine Desserts and left a pile of clothes on the beach (did you know that “Desserts” is “Stressed” backwards?).  They’re not coming out without a fight.

How many times have I said that!    This is on a set of forks from a different bike as well.  In fact, this is on the set of forks that the previous owner of HOAP purchased to replace the set of forks that he had that were rusting.   I wasn’t beaten.   Three hours with a stanley knife and a very small sharpened screwdriver left the fork ready to take the seal.  Sadly it was so dark by the time I had finished the cleaning out bit that the new seal shall have to wait until tomorrow.

In other news, the wheel that has been away for some TLC has returned.   The wheel went to Central Wheel in Coleshill, near Birmingham for a new set of spokes and a bit of a polish.   Here is a before and after picture.


If you are as impressed as I am then flood Central Wheel with requests for work, tell them that Rob sent you and I may be able to afford to have the front wheel done as well.

If I can work out a way to fit Little Project in my car (it goes in with the car roof down but it’s still a bit chilly for that) then Tuesday is the day to be shot blasted and powder coated.  It seems that it takes seven days for the complete process and the un-named (“No VAT if you pay cash”) business who are doing it want it very soon.

This means I shall spend the whole of next weekend polishing things.  Won’t that be fun!

I’m off to scrape the oil in my fingernails out.   I may just burn it off, it will be quicker and more painless in the long term.  Thank you for your time.


One thought on “I have had this broom for 15 years.

  1. I smile as I have spent today doing much the same with my forks, but managed to get them out in one piece, I love the way manuals tell you to remove the clip and then just “pop out” the old seal, that may be fine on a new seal but when the seal has been tucked up in there for about 30 years they tend not to just pop out. Nearly took my eye out…twice (or both eyes out!). I second that on the gloves comment (since doing my last project I have invested in a box of disposable latex gloves, highly recommended) but may add Safety Glasses to my list after today. Loving the wheel refurb, I would love to get mine done, but dare I ask, how much?

    I, like you have also been in a dilemma, as I currently have 5 bikes in my garage and 1 outside and at the moment seam to be flitting between all of them and not really making any ground up, I must decide on what order I am going to start and stick with it.

    It’s my birthday on Tuesday and all being well it looks like a Dremel is on the cards, fingers crossed 🙂

    Be cool and keep up the good work and blog. 🙂

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