All that is left.

The midway point has definitely been reached in Little Project.    My very tentative finish date of 22nd July (2013 of course) is still looking vaguely achievable although it is going to be a close call.  I have been strangely reluctant to get on with the rebuild so as encouragement to myself, this is all that is left to do.

There’s a front wheel to be re-spoked.  The new hub arrives today (hopefully) and will be delivered to the wheel builder on Tuesday.  Wheel builder takes about a month so I can expect it back at the start of July.

There’s paintwork.   I’m expecting this to take around a month as well but I can’t start it until I get the tank stickers back from the sticker maker and I won’t get those until I tell the sticker maker what I want.  Job number one then is to get back in touch with the sticker people.

There is a front fork to build.  You may remember from the last post that there is an issue with a thing that won’t unscrew.  I’ve found a spare thing that will unscrew so if I can get the thing that wont unscrew unscrewed then I can attach the thing that will unscrew and screw it in.  Clear?

The yokes (or triple clamps if you are a colonial cousin) from HOAP are beautifully shiny from their own visit to the powder-coaters.  Unfortunately the inside parts that take the forks have also been powder coated so they will need to be polished out and tidied up before the forks can be fitted.

There are six holes to be drilled and re-tapped in the frame.   Four to hold the rear mudguard and another two at the back that might or might not be in the right place to hold the seat (sorry, Seat).

Then we can build up the rolling chassis.  So it will be suspension on, wheels on, airbox in, handlebars attached and electrics applied.  There is some doubt about the electrics as I have three bags full of cables and I’m not sure which ones go where.   Brakes will be fixed as well once the handlebars are on.   Anything else?   Hmm, side stands, footrests and other ancillary bits.

Hey presto,  there is a motorbike.   There’s one thing left to do.   Stick an engine in it.   Of the four engines in the engine room, I know that two of them need attention.  Of the other two I know nothing.   I have purposely ignored looking at engines until everything else is completed, partially because I’ve enough to think about and partially because I know that when I start taking the things apart I shall become engrossed and will not want to think of anything else.    In an ideal world, I shall stick a motor in, turn it over and it will start and then I shall take the motor out, polish it until it looks like a mirror and Little Project will be completed. Does anyone really thing this will happen?

There are some bits around the engine that I still need to consider.   Like the in bit and the out bit.   The exhaust system I have looks suspiciously incorrect for the bike and I have a bag of carburetors (honestly!  As well as the sad thing from Little Project featured earlier there are about seven others in a plastic bag).   I’m assuming that I will be able to make one good one from these but I suspect that getting the jetting and needle height correct will prove entertaining.

And that will be that!  Eight weeks roughly, or sixteen blog posts if you fancy and I’ll be taking Little Project down to the MOT station and wondering what to do next.

It will never happen.


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