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The 10 mill spanner fairy has paid me a visit.   Both the spanner and the socket equivalent seem to have gone walkabout.   They were definitely there when I closed the shed door so they can’t have got far.  I’ve called in the sniffer cat to search them out.   Hopefully they will be back by the weekend.

Discussing Little Project and the blog with my brother (he is part of a very fine a capella folk group called Rapsquillion, just this once you can go and read their blog and buy the stunning Geriatrica album).    We got to talking about the stats that come from our respective blogs.  Obviously such a famous band get far more hits  than I, but then there’s seven of them and only one of me and they have something tangible to promote.   I have a little red motorcycle.  The stats are interesting though.

By the time I press “Publish” on this post I will be very close to 2000 views.   That is averaging 50 views per page.   Can there really be that many people who want to read about Little Project or is it just my mum making me feel good?

There have been visitors from 33 different countries.  I’m a bit disappointed to have not yet been visited by anybody on the continent of Antarctica so if you should be happening to visit Halley research station or similar in the next few weeks then can just pop onto the blog and say hello please?   It would also be entertaining to receive a visit from the International Space Station, but you can’t have everything.

The most common search term – believe it or not – relates to how much fork oil goes into a CT125 fork.   I must remember to put that onto the useful things page when I get five minutes, the search term that amused me most was “Honda Lies”.   How that lead to the story of Little Project I don’t know.  Out of interest I tried it myself.   I reached page 15 in google before giving up.

I have been trying to sort out the paperwork for the bike.   It is taking some time and following a letter from DVLA I had to speak to David, the kind and generous provider of the bike.  His wife answered the phone and after explaining who I was she called out “It’s Rob who had that bike.  Tell him we’re not having it back!”.


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