Red frame (and a paper hanky)

Do you ever wonder where the titles for my posts come from?  I start to write a post and all of a sudden there’s a little voice that says “This post is called blah de blah de blah”.   Sometimes they are obvious, but “Red frame (and a paper hanky)”?

It is a multi faceted title.   Obviously, somewhere down below there’s going to be a picture of Little Project.   It would be a ridiculous blog about restoring a deteriorating motorcycle if we had no pictures of it.   Secondly, it is hay fever season in the UK.   Especially, doubly or even triply so in my part of West London.  You can barely step outside without meeting a volley of sneezes.  Shares in Kleenex must be going through the roof this week.

One of the tracks that has been going through my head recently is “Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor” by Atreyu.   As a band, they are generally a shade too hard-core thrashy metal for my liking but this particular song is just splendid.   When you’ve finished here, go and take a listen to it on your favoured music web site and try telling me I’m wrong.   Finally (of course), Atreyu is a character in the film “Neverending Story”.   So that brings us nicely back to the unending saga that is Little Project.

We had a moment over the weekend when Little Project left the shed.    Not quite under its own power but most definitely rolling in a fashion that it may not previously have achieved this century.  I took the opportunity to take some photographs in the sunshine.   Forgive me for sharing them with you but I’m having one of those “proud father” moments.




It looks like a motor cycle!   There are a couple of obvious problems that will need sorting before I can go much further though.  Issue number 1 is that the suspension I have is for an XL125 and is 4 cm longer than the original Little Project.    This gives the bike a bit of a “wave your tail in the air” look that I am not overly keen on so I may have to source some slightly shorter shocks  (try saying that after a couple of glasses of gin).  The second challenge is the bit that holds the headlights on and the speedo and horn in place.   I am using the one from HOAP.    I mentioned in a recent post that the engines on the engine shelf all have holes for a rev counter.    What I didn’t have when I mentioned that was a little light bulb going off above my head with a caption bubble saying “So that bit holding the headlight on is going to have space for two clocks side by side and you only want one clock in the middle”.

I still have the Little Project bit for this, although (you’ll never guess),  it is filthy, there are some bolts on it that have rounded heads and are rusted solid into position.  This means I can have a pleasant week reminiscing about old times, bashing things with a big hammer and drilling holes through rusty nuts.   I can hardly wait to get going.

I suspect that I have run out of things to paint.   Shame as I was just getting the hang of it.   The scary bit now is that the stickers have arrived and are ready to be applied.  They look absolutely brilliant.   The colours have been matched very well and the shape is spot on.   Here is one for the petrol tank.


Lush by anyone’s standards.   The challenge is that I’ve got to get it stuck in the right place and without wrinkles and bubbles.   The instruction sheet for applying them is six pages long so even without reading them I know it is going to be complicated.   Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.

I’m off to do my proper job now.   Thank you for taking the time to visit Little Project.   Please come back soon.


2 thoughts on “Red frame (and a paper hanky)

  1. Nice bike, is it finished yet ? Im doing an xl to look like tl and looking forward to road legal trials outings, many thanks, john.

    • Thanks John. It’s not finished yet. The engine is proving challenging although I’m not far off. Good luck with your XL. I’ve plenty of spares for one if you need anything (including a brand new set of shocks).

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