Are Friends Electric?

Welcome back.

Since publishing a picture showing that Little Project can stand up on its own two wheels and is beginning to resemble a motorcycle (albeit the sort that children scoot around on at the moment), I’ve been asked the same question several times.

It’s not unusual for all of the questions about the bike to be exactly the same.   The first repeater (so to speak) was “What on earth are you doing that for?” and then there was several weeks of “Any news on Seat?” – It was quite touching how people took the journey of Seat to heart.

The question on the lips of the locals is…

What are you going to do with it when it is finished?

I don’t have an answer.    Frankly, I can’t ever see it being finished but let us just imagine for a moment that it all works and passes an MOT and sits glinting in the sunlight.   The first trip will be down to see David, where Little Project used to live.   If only to get a photograph of the bike in the same position as the first photo that I took back in January.  After that though?   I was thinking that there are only two options.   Keep it or sell it.  There may be a third though.   There may be somebody who has a bigger bike that needs some love and who wants to swap for a pre-loved bike.  I just don’t know.

I have been studying the electrics again.   Mostly by hiding behind Seat and peeping through a crack in my fingers.  I have the main wiring loom.    I understand where all of the bits of this go.   I’ve found the little bits that connect to the battery (they were connected to the battery!), Where I am stuck is up by the handlebars…

The main wiring loom ends in an block with eight holes in it, there’s also another four or so wires nestling close by.   I have the mate to the eight block thingy.   This has been tidily sheared after about 12 inches.   Bear in mind there are eight wires in it.

On and around the handlebars there is (or will be) the switch with indicators/main beam/dipped beam/horn.   This has roughly ten wires.   There’s another switch that is potentially lights on/off.  This has six wires.   There’s the speedo, with four lights in it.  That’s another eight wires.    All of these have been cut.   Then we have the front brake light (two wires) the headlight (three or four wires, can’t remember) the horn (two wires) and an alleged kill switch (can’t find it but I think it should be around somewhere) another two wires.  Oh, and there’s two indicators as well.   That’s another four wires.

That’s 40 bits of cable.   Going into 8 bits of cable.   I can sort of see that the button that makes the horn go BEEP will possibly have a cable going to the horn so that sort of rules out two wires, and various other cables that are associated with the lights on the front of the bike will go to their associated lights, but blimey!   All I can think is that there was a big rats nest of connections joining all of the bits that have been cut together.  I can’t quite visualise it but I’ve vague memories of Honda’s past with a vast amount of cable stuffed into the headlight casing.

I spent an amusing few hours writing down what colour cable performed what function from each of the cut bits.   Then I looked more closely at the wiring diagram.   If you want to try and translate it for me then there is a copy on page 108 of this manual.

Actually, the wiring diagram on that manual is different to the one that I have been working on and a lot easier to follow.   I still don’t understand it though.

I’ve thrown my hands in the air and have asked for professional help.    In fact I am begging for professional help.

I shall keep you updated.


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