Night’s Plutonian Shore

I was pondering (weak and weary).   If there was a knock on the door and somebody said “I’ve a really knackered bike, you can have it to restore if you want” and the bike was in the same shape as Little Project, what would I say?   Glancing out of the window there was a crow who with little imagination could be seen as a Raven.

Sitting on a concrete Buddha on the decking staring yonder
Eye a glinting peering, seeking solace from the oily floor
Tho’ the bike is rusty, bent and broken – not from me a word is spoken
melted wiring, seized up bolts to make my knuckles sore
Tell me Crow should I let it through the door?
Quoth the Crow – “Nevermore“.

With a thousand apologies to Edgar Allan Poe and all who love his work.   An unsullied version of The Raven can be found here and for those unfamiliar with it, take the time to read some dark but magnificent poetry.

I examined the bag of Carburettors.  There are four (the original Little Project one has long gone to some recycling bank to be turned into cans of coke or similar) and none of them are complete.    I’m obviously going to have to purchase a new one – there’s a chap in a shed in Taiwan who knocks them out for $22 each but I don’t know which one to get.   As the cylinder heads and barrels are all the same then you’d think that it wouldn’t matter but I am unsure whether I want a CB125S one, an XL125K2 one or a CT125 one.   If somebody can just tell me then I’d be really happy.

Want to see the bike?   With an engine and things?   Okay.   Here you go.

yolo 1    yolo 2

What you can learn from the above two images is that the position of the sun on a bright day is crucial when taking pictures using your mobile phone.   Into the sun and we get the dank view from behind and with the sun behind us we get a crisp clear image.   If I was really keen I would have turned the bike round so that both images were captured from the same angle but after rolling Little Project around for a while it has become clear that there is a major issue with the front wheel.   It is not keen on rotating.  In fact it grinds like a couple of newly weds on the dance floor.

Investigation has revealed the cause but I’m not sure of the cure.    The brake plate is from HOAP.   I still have the original one from Little Project so I compared the two.   They are exactly the same.   Exactly.  Identical.   Spitting images.

Except that there’s an integral spacer that comes from the centre of the brake plate and holds the speedo gear in place (that’s the gear that makes the speedometer work, not the gear that you find in your Speedo’s).   This spacer butts against the wheel bearing and the one on the HOAP plate is 1.2mm shorter than than the original.   This means that instead of butting up against the wheel bearing, it is allowing the brake plate to rub against the hub.  I suspect that I am going to have to find a friendly machinist to make me a little padding spacer to go on top of my original one as there is no way of swapping the two over (I did try whacking the Little Project one with a hammer to see if it would come out, it doesn’t.

I do know what I’m doing with the electrics though!   It was baffling me so I made a model with bits of string from the sewing basket.   Using one colour at a time it suddenly became very apparent how everything goes together.   The green bit of string coming from the main wiring loom is the busiest as it goes to five different places and there’s a couple of other bits of string that have four different connections.   Having done this it was also easy to see which bits of string didn’t go anywhere near the main wiring loom and so (for instance) go directly from the horn button to the horn.  All I need to do now is to work out what size of electrical wire I need (my micrometer seems to have decided that it is only going to measure in imperial units so I know that the cables are 0.081 of an inch but I’m not quite sure what the metric equivalent of that is.    I’ve 16 different colours in the bit of wiring loom that I need to build so I’ve invented a new holiday – “Little Project Day” and people have to spend £2.00 on something that I need for the bike.    I’m not 100% convinced that this idea will take off but one has to try!

One final word before I am off.   Could somebody in the Birmingham area nip round to my mum’s house and put a link to the blog on the desktop of her tablet please?   Apparently it takes her ages to find it on Facebook.   You can’t miss mum, she looks like this.


She is generally sober until noon so you shouldn’t have any problems with her.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


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