1983 and all that

Can you remember 1983?  Obviously one of the most earth shaking events of the year was Little Project being registered and used on the roads for the first time, although this seems to have been missed by most of the internet (my blog is putting that right).

In the UK (if you were of an age) were were in full “New Romantic” mode.  Amongst others, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club had hit singles and the album that most people purchased was Thriller by Michael Jackson.   Real trendsetters will have been buying their music on Compact Disc as these went on sale for the first time in March.

If you chose to take your date to the cinema, depending on how romantic you were feeling you would be sharing popcorn whilst watching Return Of The Jedi or perhaps Tootsie.  We also had both Sean Connery and Roger Moore vying to be James Bond (In Never Say Never Again and Octopussy respectively).

The world welcomed Amy Winehouse and said goodbye to David Niven.   The United States invaded the British Commonwealth by sending troops to Granada and installing cruise missiles at Greenham Common.  Mrs Thatcher secured her second term as PM with a huge majority despite only taking 42% of the vote and the country was in the grip of a frightening terrorist campaign with Irish republicans bombing London towards the end of the year.

Everybody knows (or can find out) that lot though.  The internet has opened up the world and ensured that even knowledge stored in the dustiest corners is available to all – As an aside, a colleague asked today how I would have got on with Little Project without the internet.  I really don’t think it would have been possible to locate Seat and all of those other little bits.

I was working as a shop assistant in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham.   Trade started at 5am and by 3pm everyone had gone home for the day.   I purchased my first brand new bike – a Cagiva WSXT125 Aletta Rossa – from a dealer on Smethwick High Street – The name of the dealer escapes me but the bike doesn’t.  Here it is.


My understanding is that it is currently residing in a barn in Shropshire somewhere.  Waiting for somebody to look at it and go “hmmm, that looks like an interesting little project”.

I had a girlfriend!   My first long term relationship.   I can still remember her phone number (565 0351) but I believe the house has changed hands several times since last I was there.   You have to wonder what on earth she was thinking, going out with me.   I looked a lot like this.

me in '83

Frequently described as a face perfect for radio.   I was just about at the end of an inglorious attempt to become a world famous 400 metre runner.   My PB of 50.00 was never quite good enough to make national standard so I discovered “going to the pub” instead.

We all had bikes.   As teenagers we were unrestricted as to where we could go and what we could do.   I can never remember being short of money to fill the tank but I can remember a snake of bikes touring around the Midlands and beyond.   We discovered a ruined abbey at the end of a long green lane and would spend hours there doing nothing but chattering amongst ourselves.  The downside of being a group of lads on bikes was that we lost a couple of good friends over the years but I suspect they live on in memories other than my own.

It would be good, if you’ve a couple of minutes, to share your story of 1983 (or thereabouts).  There is a comments button somewhere around, click on it and tell me what you were doing.  I would really like to know.

Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “1983 and all that

  1. I was born in 1983, so I guess I was mostly crying and sleeping. 😛 Little Project and I am the same age! I’m not sure who/which is in better condition these days though…

  2. early 1983 – moved to Herne Hill from Ipswich, started work at Tunisian Embassy, where my ex-husband also worked, met him there, later on in year got engaged, started work in Cranford, moved in with ex hubby in Earls Court. fateful year!

  3. At the very end of 1983 had just moved to London. Life was good. After a while I met a girl and got married. After a while it turns out not to be so good.

    • By spooky coincidence In 1983 I was in a long term relationship with a long hair lad who drove a cagiva. I suspect my hair style was equally dodgy, I think it was a known as a ” Lady Di”. They were happy times – hard to believe it was 30 years ago! Looks like I had a memorable phone number and my Mum and Dad are still in the same house unless they have moved without telling me!

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