It’s like what John Lennon said

This is more of a Wednesday post than a Sunday post.   It will be apparent why later.


It’s a Buddhist thing. Very roughly we are talking about cause and effect.   You do this and that happens.  I think that the best way of describing it in modern language is to say “What goes around comes around”.


Back in the depths of time (well, January 2013) David said “It’s been there for years, you can have it if you want it” and I said “Cheers mate”  and eventually a rusty Little Project showed up in the shed.   A motor bike.  I’ve mentioned several times that I grew up with them.   I’m looking forward to taking Little Project on a trip to somewhere.   I don’t really care where, just riding a bike again (even if it is only at 50mph top speed) and getting to a destination. The destination isn’t really the point.   There is a Taoist saying that says something along the lines of “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.   I am looking forward to the single step that will start the journey.


A few weeks ago I did a blog about what I was up to in 1983.  Mostly the blog was an antidote to the previous one that included a pretentious attempt at replicating some Edgar Alan Poe poetry that went horribly wrong.   What really surprised me was a comment from a long lost friend that said hello.  I don’t think that I had heard from this long lost friend for 30 years and it made me realise that the story of Little Project wasn’t just the tale of a little Honda that has big ideas anymore.   People actually read my little blog.   Crikey!


Ah shut up with the existentialism Robby and get on with what you’ve been up to with on the bike for goodness sake.

You know what?  Karma!

I ordered a new gasket set.  Gaskets (for those that don’t know) make a seal between two bits of metal.   They’re like a little cushion that allows imperfections between the metal casings to glue together and keep oil inside the engine.   Many years ago my father used to make them out of cornflake packets.   Soaked in oil (and possibly boiled in oil as well), wintertime was invariably welcomed by intricate shapes cut out of cardboard and hanging from various bits of the kitchen.

I can’t make the gaskets, mostly because I don’t know what they should look like and I have no templates to follow.  I ordered a set from eBay.   I was convinced that upon their arrival I would be able to re-assemble a full engine made from several other engines and be off on my way before you could blink.   The gaskets arrived and were held at the local post office depot for me (too big to go through the letter box and too precious to bend).

A brief distraction – The postie has taken Little Project to heart.  He notices the items that are important and takes great care of them.   He too is restoring a little motor bike of his own and after a discussion with him about the challenges of finding parts I was touched beyond belief to find a little envelope pushed through the door with his list of contacts for making up hard to come by bits.

Back to the gaskets.  It’s my own fault, I ordered the wrong ones.   I was almost overcome with excitement as I unwrapped them on Saturday only to find that they just didn’t fit my bike.   There was a glum face in the shed all weekend as I looked at all of the bits ready to be assembled that just had to sit there for another week waiting for the correct parts to arrive.

On a positive note, somebody kindly explained to me what a rectifier was.   It turns AC electrics (from the generator) into DC electrics that go into the battery.   This is obviously important to the battery although I don’t really understand why.   There should be one somewhere on Little Project.   I can spend the week working out where it is and that will sort out one of the cables from the generator.   Only two more cables to work out!

Thank you for your time.  There will definitely be more gossip on Wednesday.


One thought on “It’s like what John Lennon said

  1. Should have asked me what a rectifier was. I had an old crap Yamaha years ago that used to eat them (at least they stopped working every 3 months or so). It got so bad I took to carrying a spare when I used the bike 😦

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