Among the garbage and the flowers

Leonard Cohen.  Perhaps not the most obvious of choices to be playing on the shed Juke Box but it works really well for assisting in the removal of grime.  The above comes from Suzanne and it occurred as I heard it that Little Project had sort of been found between the garbage and the flowers and the song is set on a river and, well, I’m not too far from a big river.   Suzanne is my favourite.  It started off as a poem and didn’t grow into a song until some time later.

I’d forgotten.   Maybe it had just been blanked from my memory.  Before you can fit a new gasket you have to remove the old ones.   I spent the morning dithering because there was something nagging at the back of my mind and I couldn’t work out what it was.  Sure that it would come back to me later I pressed on with doing the right thing.

Pressed on also describes  what happens to old gaskets and brought forward the nagging memory from the back of my brain.   Gasket Goo.   As a very young man when taking engines apart was just something we all did every day, we’d apply some potion to gaskets to make sure that they didn’t leak.   We always referred to it as Gasket Goo but that wasn’t it’s real name.   Gasket Goo does however make a formidable bond between the gasket and the bit of metal it is mated with.

You know that bit in Mary Poppins?   Just as she’s singing “a spoon full of sugar” and the Robin and she have done a duet and then she just clicks her fingers and things start to tidy up all by themselves?  Well it’s not like that getting the bits of gasket off an engine that hasn’t been opened for a while.  I tried whistling, that didn’t help.   I looked around for any passing birds in the hope that they would just come and peck off the bits of weird gaskety material glued to the metal.   No chance, so I spent what can only be described as a very relaxing couple of hours with Mr Cohen and a Stanley knife.   I’ll wager that’s not the first time the two have been mentioned in the same sentence.

Gaskets duly removed and a tin of baked beans consumed to gird my loins I set off to Halfords (again) to amuse the staff by asking if they had any gasket goo.   The old and wizened man that every shop keeps locked up just in case they have a weird question was released and he worked out that I actually needed some flange sealant.   I don’t know about you but I prefer my name for the stuff.

I thought it made sense to check that everything else was working whilst there’s no oil about.   Want to see what a Little Project clutch looks like?   I don’t care, you are going to see it anyway.


I think I might change the clutch plates whilst everything is naked.   It’s no big task (famous last words – I will probably need Honda tool X123DSS or something and they are only made by hand to order in Damascus) so for the sake of another few days I shall hold off on applying the gasket goo, sorry, flange sealant.

Other than that, don’t forget that tomorrow, the last Monday in August is officially Little Project day.  Everybody please take the day off and do something that you have never done before.  Then please tell me about it in the comments section and I will have something to write about on Wednesday.   I would also like to say hello and a very big welcome to any new and recently signed up readers of the Little Project saga.   It means a lot to me that you’ve chosen to be bored by me instead of (or as well as) Piers Morgan, One Direction and Prince George.

Thanks for visiting.


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