Things I did not do in Summer

Summer has been a busy time.  There are several birthdays (mine included) and a wedding anniversary to remember.  It has been a busy time over here in general.   Below is a non-exhaustive list of things that I have not done.

  • I did not perform with the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury
  • I did not participate in the British and Irish Lions getting their first series victory in many years
  • I did not win the Wimbledon Mens Championship
  • I did not qualify for pole position in the MotoGP at Assen
  • I did not open the batting in any of the Ashes tests
  • I did not manage to get Little Project running

Admittedly, none of the above were likely but you’d have thought at least one of them may have been attainable.

I went back and read some earlier blogs.   It seems there was a time when it was too cold to work in the shed.  Shed is constructed in a similar fashion to one of those Swedish sauna rooms.   The temperature here touched 30 on many days (I know that’s probably not overly hot in some parts of the world but it is pretty impressive for Twickenham).   Shed takes this heat and amplifies it so that within a minute of going in there are rivulets of perspiration dripping from all over.    It is possibly a good weight loss system but my goodness it gets uncomfortable after a while.    This leads to either working naked or working in the garden.   I tried the former but one of the neighbours screamed so I decamped to the bit of land around the trampoline that resembles the lawn of a house in Death Valley.

There’s a tree in the garden (there are several, but this tree knows who I’m talking about).   It’s an evergreen.  Sort of christmas tree shaped.  It might be a Leylandii, then again it may not.   Whatever, it had a double split low crown (or something like that) that meant very early on in life it had decided to be two trees rather than one.   Sort of a conjoined tree.   A nice man called Tom came and lopped off one of the limbs leaving me with the perfect shady place to work on Little Project engine.   Mostly it is perfect because the floor beneath the limb that held the branches that held the leaves that leaked some acid on the grass (it’s a bit like the court of King Caractacus) is dry and bare and makes a comfortable sitting place for Twickenhams top CT125 engine repair man to sit and tinker, overalls left slightly agape to  reveal Twickenhams top pigeon chest.

All was good with my tinkering.  I fitted some new clutch plates and cleaned all of the oily sludge that had been hanging around in the engine since time immemorial.  I scrubbed off the red paint (REL3020)  that (who knows how, can’t have been me during a spraying frenzy) had somehow managed to get all over the engine and then thought that a refreshing glass of something would be appropriate before starting the re-assembly.

We all know that one refreshing glass leads to another.  A short while later I returned to the nice, clean, opened up and ready to be re-assembled engine and realised there had been a slight flaw in my plan.

The tree, whilst having been carefully but radically pruned by Tom had kept a store of sawdust in wait ready to wreak revenge on whoever authorised its dismemberment.   A maelstrom of tiny bits of wood had descended from above, not quite filling the nice, clean open to the elements engine.

I have decided to have another go at the weekend.   There will be a three hour slot when nobody but me is in the house.   The kitchen table can be covered with some plastic sheeting.   Nobody will ever know.   Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan…

I’ve just remembered the hairdryer problems.  Here’s hoping that was a one off.

I do hope that everyone made the most of Little Project day at the start of the week.   As long as their is no trace of oil in the kitchen I shall report on a rebuilt engine at the weekend.

Thank you for visiting.


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