Ten thousand words

Breath a sigh of relief.   This isn’t going to be an entire novel about Little Project.   The radio show that I am listening to had Richard and Judy as guests (folk outside the UK, I can’t possibly explain them in detail, they are a husband and wife team who present various shows, google them if you are interested).   Richard and Judy are sponsoring a prize of £50,000 and a publishing deal with marketing and advisors and everything else thrown in.     A thought whizzed through my mind – rather like a steam train that doesn’t stop at your station – that I could just cut and paste the 60 or so posts about Little Project, rub them together with some special novella rubbing grease and then I’d be fifty grand better off and talking to Speilberg about the film rights.    I think we’ll have a 1966 Ducati Monza playing the part of Little Project and the Amityville house can be the shed.

The engine is going back into the frame this week.   Cunning plan part II regarding those pesky alternator cables is that I’m going to put bullet connectors on each of them and then I can just swap them around until something happens.   Three cables in and three cables out, maths isn’t really a strong point but I think there can only be six possible combinations so it can’t be that bad.

I’ve a question for you.   I’ve sprayed the exhaust leg guards with alluminium silver paint.  They look rather good but the original ones were black.   Should I go back to black (as Amy Winehouse would say) or should I stick with silver (as David Soul intimated).   You can tell by that statement that the exhaust is also going to go on.   There’s a vast collection of spacers and gaskets and stoppers and things that go in various bits of the exhaust pipe.   I know that I’ve got them all because I said to my dealer (in a gruff voice) “give me all the bits that go with the exhaust pipe”.   I have no idea in what sequence they go, or into which orifice they should be inserted so I foresee a happy few hours playing with them like one of those puzzles where you know that it all goes together but you just don’t know how.

There have been times when I have thought “That will make a good blog” only to suddenly realise thatt it has nothing to do whatsoever with the story of the little Honda with big ideas.    Some of the ideas were actually quite good (I think, I always forget them after about 10 minutes anyway) but just in case it happens again, there is now a sister blog to this one.   I have no intention of publicizing it because it is intended it to be just another place for me to ramble on about things that get my goat or that I find amusing in some way.  I am however having a small party with virtual canapes and other finger foods along with some cheap red wine and lashings of ginger beer.   You are all welcome to come along and say hello and even click on the “follow” button (providing I’ve remembered to put one on there.   The address is www.theverbalhedge.wordpress.com.   Dress code is informal, please bring a bottle.


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