It’s only words

Yay! The Bee Gees (or Boyzone if you are younger).

This may seem like the shortest post in Little Project history.  It’s actually taken longer to write than all of the others with the exception of “The History of Little Project“.

It has been mentioned to me that there are some phrases and words that I have used through the previous 60 odd posts that don’t necessarily mean anything to some people.   These people can be categorised thus:

  • Those who live outside the UK
  • Those who don’t know anything about restoring motorcycles
  • Those who aren’t me.

To alleviate this shortfall I have spent several evenings compiling a glossary of things that may not have made sense.   (A quick note to my mum – Mum, if you touch the word “glossary” it will take you there, then press the “Back” button to bring you back here).

Feel free to point out anything that has been missed and I will add a description in a random position (so that you have to read it all again to find it),

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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