The anniversary blog

Well, who would have thought it.   here we are, a year on and there is still no sign of internal combustion.

I must apologise to those who have been waiting with bated breath for a Little Project update.  I am very aware that posts have been thin and far between for the last month or so.    Shall I tell you why?

You will remember.  I have pretty much all that I need to get things running.  I am waiting for some news on bits of wiring loom and the like form up north (mentioning no names Emma) but I have all these shiny bits of engine itching to go together.   The problem is that they don’t fit together.

There’s obviously a discrepancy there.   I know that they all fit together somehow.   They just don’t seem to fit together in the way they came apart.   A very nice man called Brett provided me with a pdf of the workshop manual for a CT125 and I have the Clymer manual as well.  Between them you’d think a capable chap like me would be able to figure out how to get a few bits of metal back into a crank case and then fasten it all together.   Not a bit of it.

Clymer says assemble everything in the left hand crankcase.   The workshop manual says assemble everything in the right hand crankcase.   What’s a boy to do?     I went with Clymer (mostly because the gearbox is already assembled in the left hand side.  Everything fits peachily until we get to put the kickstart mechanism in (you may have heard this before).   In it goes and then one needs several pairs of hands to try and hold it in place whilst the cranks go together.

After around a dozen times (at least I’m not getting bloody knuckles doing this) I finally managed to get everything together and put in some of the bolts that keep everything snug.    I can go up and down through the gear changes with no problem but when I turn the crank there’s a metallic clunking noise and I’m pretty sure that there should be no such noise.   It is incredibly frustrating because I think that I’m really close to having everything reassembled but until I can crack this bit, I’m going nowhere.

Regardless.   Everybody sing Happy Birthday to Little Project.   It was 12 months ago to the day that I knocked on the door of David and he said “Take the bloody thing away”.   Things have moved on considerably since then and I am determined that one day we shall be back on the road.   I probably just need a bigger hammer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.   All being well, the next post is going to be the Honda CT125 equivalent of the Michelin calendar.   I bet you can’t wait!


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