How did I get involved in this?

I have owned many motorcycles.  The last thirty years have seen countless bikes come and go, including a few project bikes that were by and large a success (for me at least).  I surrendered the last one when I migrated to the city from the wilds of Northamptonshire and whilst the thought of getting a replacement has crossed my mind from time to time I could never justify having one just for fun.

My son asked me to pick up some computer spares that he had been offered on Freecycle (Google it if you’re not sure).   The spares were to be picked from David in Twickenham.  Whilst collecting them I commented on the rusty and aged little bike chassis in his front garden, mentioning what an interesting project it looked.

“It’s’ been there for some years, I have never got around to doing anything with it, you can have it if you like”.

Thanks David!

David tells me that the bike is a Honda CB125, Australian dirt bike specification.   He doesn’t know the age of it but does have some boxes of bits that I can take as well.

A genial chat with my partner revealed that she would relish me spending several hours in the shed every evening through the summer and so another quick call to David and the deal was struck.  I don’t think his exact words were “Take the bloody thing away as soon as possible” but that was the gist of it.

It looks like I have a project….


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