Heroes and villains

Hero list:

  • David – The supplier of the bike.
  • Jack – Already keen to source bits for the bike, even if it means him taking a trip to Alice Springs.
  • Geraldine – She is going to really enjoy having oily bits of motorcycle in her kitchen sink.
  • Steve Blake – Steve runs www.hondarestoration.com in Concord, New Hampshire.   Steve provided me with a cross reference of parts that fit my bike that are also on the XL125 .  Whenever you are restoring an 30 year old Honda in New England (or indeed, anywhere in the USA).  This is the place to contact.
  • Colin Day – He has a car large enough to contain the bike and was foolish enough to offer to help transport it.
  • Shane Rivet – Shane has very kindly provided original wiring diagrams for the bike.  He runs Rivet Restorations which remarkably is also in Concord NH.  It seems Concord is the place to go if you are restoring an old Honda.
  • Peter Impey – For being a reliable source of Plan C’s.
  • Les Kibble – Proprietor of LJ Motorcycles who happily took out my wheel bearings for the price of a charity donation.
  • My mum – Because she is supportive and lovely.
  • Emma – For setting up the Honda CT125 Facebook page and being a source of inspiration.
  • Craig, Randall, Brett, Joe, Christopher and the rest of the people who have offered help on Emma’s FB page
  • Martyn – Because he knows how to find things out that I couldn’t possibly.

Villains list:

  • Honda Australia – For not answering any queries at all.

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