It’s cost how much? (last update 3rd June 2013)

To keep me amused and to try to limit the spending.  I thought that keeping track of the costs of Little Project.  The obvious way to start off is (with thanks to Tammy Wynette)

For the months of stripping and rebuilding – No charge

For the bleeding knuckles and the baffled expression – No charge

For the aching back and the oil stains on the floor – No charge

HOAP costs are not directly included

And then there’s this – Running total £1171.61 and 18393 miles

Manual (for the wrong bike, heck of a start)  £18.04 (  61 miles

Cleaning materials  £18.98 (Halfords) 1 Mile

Sticking Plasters £1.99 (Boots the chemist)

Seat £231.62 (Tiaro Motorcycle Wreckers, Queensland, Aus) 11,000 miles

Nuts and bolts £24.50 (Bolt me up, Oldbury, West Mids) 131  miles

Rear Brake thingy and spring £17.04 (David Silver spares, Leiston, Suffolk) 122 miles

Brake plates and connectors £114.19 (Generation Cycle, Perris, CA, USA) 5400 miles

Replacement forks (for wrong bike) £32.49 (A1 Bike Breakers, Ripley, Derbyshire) 142 miles

Wheel rim £97.20 (Easyridereurope on ebay) 147 miles

Another manual (correct one this time) £14.99 (Newcombe brothers motorcycles, Chelmsford) 54 miles

Steering Head Bearings and seals £39.67 (Wemoto, Southwick)  70 miles

Wheel build and polish £175 (Central Wheel, Coleshill, Birmingham) 122 miles

Rear suspension £44.99 (The Electric Center, Newcastle) 287 miles

Rear Wheel Bearings  £8.49 (M and P, Swansea) 179 miles

Chain and sprocket set £22.42 (M and P, Swansea) 179 miles

Powder coating £200 (Nationwide Coatings) 13 miles

Wheel Rim 47.32 (A J Sutton, Milton Keynes) 70 miles

Twist grip and handlebar rubbers £27.26 (David Silver spares, Leiston, Suffolk) 122 miles

Headlight unit £25.99 (Motorcycle Training Wales, Pontypridd) 150 miles

Brake lever £9.13 (Patternparts-net, Nottingham) 143 miles

3 thoughts on “It’s cost how much? (last update 3rd June 2013)

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  2. Hi – reading with great interest and delight at your blog – I myself have just made a rash purchase of 3 Honda motorbikes, one of them being a CT125, which is not as bad condition as your project but far from being road worthy – one thing I want to do is get it back on the road, do you have any experience of the wiring loom (mine has been butchered..!) and a worthy replacement (XL125/CG125?) Thanks and look forward to the updates.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for checking out my blog and for the nice comment!

    Good luck with The Little Project! I just got a 1986 Honda V65 Magna, and from a few websites I see parts can be difficult to find so I can understand your pain somewhat. My fingers are crossed I can get by for a while. I am not a bike mechanic at all so I am at the mercy of a shop to fix it if something goes afoul.

    Best wishes!


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