Now here is a thing.   The last post I made featured a story about a hair dryer.  At least it did when I wrote it.  I can only imagine that during some narcoleptic moment I edited it on the grounds that it would be safer for my health and well being to never mention the hair dryer story.    It is probably just as well because I managed to disable another hair dryer this weekend in the pursuit of Little Project grandness.   All I will say on the matter is that the hair dryer is mended and the owner is none the wiser.   Let us keep it that way…

I have been painting.   Not very much painting admittedly but any painting at all is progress.    It is fair to say that previous attempts at beautifying motorcycles with paint have met with limited success.   I was reminded by my mother of the time that she went away for a long weekend and I sprayed my bike in the kitchen.   I still remember the bike – a Suzuki TS125, reg: DAY 415T.  If you see it and it has a blue frame then I did that.   The slight flaw in the spraying in the kitchen plan was that I didn’t take into account quite how far the over-spray could travel in a still environment.   Mother returned to vaguely blue taps and kitchen cupboards enhanced with a sapphire tinge.

The painting involves an entirely different mindset to the stripping down bits.   Stripping down requires a “Kim Jong Il” approach of total ruthlessness and single minded bloody destruction. Most of stripping down was hitting things with various sizes of hammer until either the bit that I was hitting fell off or I could fabricate a story to allow it to stay in place.    Painting requires more of a Mahatma Gandhi attitude.   A very positive determination to do things correctly and without rushing through any of the stages.   As an aside, when Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western civilisation he said he thought it would be a very good idea.   He knew his stuff, if you do nothing else this week, read up on non-violent civil disobedience and then give Syria a call.

Back to painting.   I took a side panel…

Panel 1

I spent some time heating the “CT125” sticker with a hair dryer (that definitely isn’t broken, oh no, definitely works just fine).

Panel 2

And then i put it in the sink (you may be getting the general idea that much of this weekends activity has not exactly been “shed based”, this is due to a garden gate currently in the process of transforming from rough wooden model to smooth glistening white portal to a Twickenham property) and took some 400 grade wet and dry to it.   I wasn’t actually expecting it to come out like this.

Panel 3

But it did.   So I tip toed carefully into the shed and whacked the side panel with primer, like this….

Panel 4And then finally gave it another rub down with 1200 grade wet and dry, a brief run over with a tack cloth (these are brilliant, they are sticky enough to remove little bits of dust but not sticky enough to leave a deposit.   I’m formulating plans for them that aren’t necessarily on their original list of things they can do) and a bit of a spray with some red (RAL 3020) paint from Halfords.   It currently looks like this.

panel 5

But I think it needs about another three coats before it it is safe to say that it has come out okay.   If it does come out okay then there’s another panel, two mudguards and a petrol tank to do so that’s going to keep me quiet for hours!

Finally, today is Fathers Day in the UK.   I have been treated to an selection of Glenfiddich‘s, a 12 year old, 15 and 18 year old and even better, accompanied on a long and rambling walk around Richmond Park.   I’m possibly the luckiest dad in the world.

Enjoy your week.  I hope the sun shines every day for you.