Guard – Crush Honda

There was always the slim possibility that the title of this post relates to an instruction given to a warder in a Japanese prison.  One could imagine that an impenitent Mr Honda was getting unruly whilst listening to Johnny Cash-san and during the ensuing riot was sat upon by a Sumo-size prison officer.

Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth.   Whilst looking through the bits of Little Project that I am not sure what I’m going to do with I found a broken thing (to be fair, it would be far more surprising to find an unbroken thing amongst this pile).   These particular bits of brokenness are tubular and would once have been around 18 inches wide and 5 inches deep and held in place by a sturdy bracket.

Interest piqued, I assembled the mini jigsaw puzzle and look askance at Little Project thinking “There’s nowhere for these bits to go”.

I resorted to the CMS website – my bible when I’m baffled about how things fit together because there are dinky little pictures of various components (avid clickers of links on my blog will have been there before) and I can get an idea of what goes where from said little pictures.

The sixteenth picture revealed that the part labeled 4, part number 50203401670, cost 60 euro’s (can’t find the euro button on my keyboard) is discontinued and no longer available and a Google search for the part number leads us to “Guard – Crush Honda”, so that’s what I have found (in several pieces).

It sits at the front of the bike and (I think) is designed to stop sheep getting too close to the engine when you try to run them over.   Everyone will know that the smell of burning wool is abominable and so the clever CT125 prevents this by having an early motorcycle version of a “roo bar”.     All I need to do is to work out how to make it go back together into one piece and I can stick on another bit of Little Project with a satisfied smirk.   I suspect that I will have to make friends with a welder.

I made a bit of a blunder.   Quite a lot of a blunder in fact.   Sunny weather meant that I planned to spend the evening sitting on the deck and sanding down the Little Project petrol tank.   Neighbours to the right were having a barbie and the little cherubs to the left were practicing their singing for the end of term school concert so I felt guilty making lots of loud sanding type noises.   I put the tank back in the shed, locked the shed up  and took a stroll around the veggie patch.   There were a few weeds showing their ghastly little faces (I need a genetically modified slug that only eats bindweed) so I pulled them and casually tossed them into the overgrown and very bramble ridden plot next to mine.   What I didn’t realise was that they key to the shed was attached to the weeds.  

So I know roughly where they key is.  Very roughly.  I passed an entertaining hour or so looking for it before bad light stopped play.   I fear I shall be spending much of this evening doing the same.   Please feel free to visit with a metal detector.

If, after reading this you have another couple of minutes that you want to waste, you could click on the “instagram” and “flikr” images that should be somewhere towards the top and right of the screen and laugh at my ridiculous attempts at photography.  I would be keen to know if the links actually work.

Thank you for your patience.