Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

Confucius said that.  I think what he was trying to say was that if you are going to do it, really go for it and don’t just mess around the edges.  Mind you, he said so many things that relate to Little Project he could almost be living in the shed.  For instance, “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop“.  He obviously had a problem getting the brake thingy out of his frame too, or maybe he had heard that the top speed of a Honda CT125 was akin to that of a milk float.

Those of you paying attention will have noticed that I generally do two posts a week (that is why there’s a little symbol saying “I’m a bi weekly poster” on the right side of the page).    The posts are roughly on Wednesday and Sunday but there is occasionally some slippage.

The Sunday post tends to relate to what bits of Little Project I have managed to break over the weekend and usually leaves me with oily fingerprints on the keyboard.   The Wednesday post is a little less focused but I do try to stay on topic where possible.   A blog about an abandoned Honda doesn’t really work if we are discussing the political situation on the Korean peninsular or natural childbirth in the Outer Hebrides (unless the midwife had a CT125.  That might work, I’ll check up).

Old Mr Confucius also said something about if you are not willing to economise then you are going to have to agonise (I can’t remember the quote exactly, feel free to look it up and set me straight on what it is) so this week I am agonizing over whether to save on the cost of Little Project by using some less than perfect bits from HOAP or whether to purchase shiny new replacements.   None of the replacements are stupidly expensive but together they all add up.   Total cost of Little Project so far has just broken the £1000 mark (and 17700 Little Project delivery miles) so it isn’t exactly cheap.   There is a full breakdown elsewhere on the blog if you want to take a look. So do I spend another £20 on a headlight that is brand new and shiny when I have one that is a bit scratched but serviceable?

I may have mentioned that it is the next auto jumble on Saturday.   Actually, it is far more than that, it is the Southern Classic Bike Show & AutoJumble.    A remarkably cheap £6.00 gets you in and amongst the attractions is the Ace Cafe “Cafe Racer Corner”.  I think that the frame from HOAP may well end up being in the cafe racer style although it probably isn’t wise to mention that out loud just yet as it is currently languishing unsold on eBay (but with three watchers).  I have my little bag filled and ready with rusty nuts, springs and the headlight  in the vague expectation that somewhere on site there will be a wizened and bespectacled gentleman offering new lamps for old.   I suspect I am more likely to end up with a cup of watery tea from Widow Twanky (Pantomime fans, when you read the story of Aladdin in The Book Of One Thousand And One Nights it is a lot more scary than the adaptation you see at Christmas).

Still, I will amble around with all my heart and imagine that one day Little Project will be part of the Southern Classic Bike Show.

Thank you for your time.