Fort of the men of Surrey

An entire weekend passed without a single visit to the shed. I feel that I have slightly neglected Little Project in favour of other pastimes. When South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford had an illicit few days with his mistress he claimed he had been “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”. My excuse is that I have been on a brief tour of some of the sights of London, culminating in a trip to the top of The Shard. For those that don’t know of it, The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union and is just to the left (depending on where you are standing) of Tower Bridge.

Because I am always focused and very aware of what I am doing, I realised within 10 minutes of leaving home that the battery for my camera was still in the charger and not in the camera. A quick about turn at the railway station and camera and battery were reunited and off we set again. It wasn’t until I had taken around 30 pictures of various interesting objects that I noticed the big red flashing message on the camera display saying “NO SD CARD”. I didn’t mind at all that I was lumping around 4cwt of camera that would only be good as an anchor if we went on a paddle boat.

Fortunately we all carry cameras on our phones these days so a record of the visit was kept, if in a somewhat blurry fashion.


An hour or so at 300+ metres is probably enough gazing time to suit anyone so a visit to the surrounding area of Southwark followed. Goodness there is some history in this little borough (also known as Borough, if you’re getting the tube). Lunch was in The George, London’s oldest coaching inn and dating back to the 17th Century. There has been an Inn at the same location since medieval times, Shakespeare had a pint or two in there and Charles Dickens was known to stop by for a dram – it even gets a mention in Little Dorrit (unfortunately, Little Project does not).

A quick browse around Borough Market evolved into an orgy of consumption. There is food to cater for every palate in the covered market. I also found the Whisky Exchange. Despite a considerable amount of begging I was told that I couldn’t have this…


There’s a wealth of pubs and bars in the area too. Many of them originally catering to the market porters so they open at 6am and close around 8pm, when that overwhelming urge to have a pint of Old Horse Fart arises at the crack of dawn, you now know where to go.

Perhaps the most colourful sight was the little restaurant with an extrnal eating area. London isn’t famous for dry and balmy evenings and eating alfresco is always liable to end with water in your pasta so I thought this an innovative solution.


I am expecting all of the parts of Little Project back from the powder coaters on Friday, so normal service should be resumed.