50 shades of…


Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your bent), not the E.L. James type of thing, more of a “roadkill, oil and mud” situation.

I thought I would spend the weekend polishing bits. I am holding off on doing anything more technical until HOAP arrives as I can then see what bits of XL125 readily transplant to CT125 and thus save my never ending search for specific parts of Little Project. I decided I would start off with the brake plates, they are satisfyingly dirty and I expected them to come up clean with the minimum of effort.

The back plate was soon responding to treatment. Gunk to remove the crud. Wet and dry 240 to remove the stain marks in the aluminium, Wet and dry 800 to remove the scratch marks caused by the wet and dry 240, fine grade wire wool liberally coated with Solvol Autosol to bring up the sheen and a buffing over with baby seal skin to really make them shine (I may have made the last bit up).

I’ve been putting off looking at the front brake plate. I knew that the screw that holds the speedo cable in needed drilling out but I laugh in the face of such trivia. I wasn’t really expecting the cam that opens up the front brake to be rusted in solid. I’ve put it into the WD40 bath along with the fork stanchion with the rusty spring stuck in it but I fear that I have just added another item to the list of things to purchase.

The fork legs proved to be surprisingly decent once the 30 years of mud had been fetched off them. When I say surprisingly decent, this just means there is a lot of sanding down to do to remove layers of oxidisation but they will eventually come up as good as new.

I also considered (once again) the spraying of the frame. I’ve decided that I will be better served by getting it shot blasted and powder coated. It seems that the cost for this is less than the amount I would be spending on paint and primer to get it done myself.

The question arises, where is HOAP? I had a call from David on Thursday saying that it had been picked up was heading up to Scotland for the weekend (perhaps it wants to do a bit of Salmon fishing and maybe take a look for the Loch Ness monster). I called the courier on Friday and he was in Spain. Not sure if he’d decided that Scotland wasn’t worthy of HOAP and it needed some sunshine or whether he’d left HOAP to its own devices on Sauchiehall Street for a while. He’s going to give me 24 hours notice of delivery and “it should be sometime this week”.

I’ve also received more info from Martyn, owner of the pen pal of Little Project. He’s already stripped down and ready to move on. Tsk. No drilling out involved? No grazed knuckles? Martyn also corrected my error about him rebuilding his bike in the kitchen. I should say that his workshop is better equipped than my kitchen although unlike my kitchen it doesn’t seem to have a three legged cat pooing in every corner.

For any other budding members of the informal CT125 owners club (“owner” may be a misnomer, perhaps CT125 rebuilders club would be better), I shall shortly be putting a link at the top of the page (or bottom if you are a mobile user) to useful things. Please feel free to contribute anything that you feel may be even remotely useful.