A vision in blue

I have donned my brand new blue boiler suit today and with a hey and a ho and a hey-nonny-no I feel rather like a blue-collar post-industrial revolution version of a Morris dancer.  I may at some stage leap to some strange Little Project fertility dance, skipping around the ever-expanding frame holding reams of brightly coloured electrical wire and lightly beating Seat with an inflated inner tube.

The Hey-nonny-no bit actually comes from good old Shakespeare’s “As you like it” and is part of a song celebrating love.  Sung for Audrey and Touchstone on the eve of their wedding.   Touchstone, being a bit of a grumpy git, said it was rubbish (I’m summarising here, obviously Shakespeare had a far better way with words than I).   Frankly, I of agree with him although it would be interesting to see what Metallica could do with the lyrics.

That’s probably enough Bardolatry for today, we should get on with the dark and dirty goings-on in the shed…

I fitted a wheel!   Several times in fact (I know you would expect nothing less).    The first time that I put it on I realised that the left hand bearing hadn’t been driven in far enough, so off it came and I very carefully used the old bearing to drive the new bearing further into the hub.   Unfortunately I did not consider how I was going to get the old bearing back out after beating it in to place.   A bit of jiggery-pokery with a well aimed drift solved that.   Second time I fitted it, I had all of the brake bits in the wrong place.   I was using the wheel stay from HOAP and everything just seemed a bit, well, wrong.   After comparison with Little Project’s wheel stay it became obvious why, there’s about three inches difference in the length of the two parts, Little Project obviously having the bigger one.   I polished and buffed up the Little Project one and fitted wheel for the third time.   Hey presto!

WheelI accept that the picture is a little blurry, but look at the shine!  If the rest of the bike comes out as well as the back end then I shall be walking proud.

I mentioned a vision in blue.   It’s not a pretty sight I’m afraid.   This is probably the only picture of me that will ever appear on this blog and it is only here following a request from a reader to publish a picture of my overalls (Image courtesy of my able assistant).

Me 2

What is not represented is that shortly before this photo I stepped back to take the wheel photo above.  I stooped down to ensure the angle was correct and planted my backside on a can of black spray paint, thus spraying the rump of my brand new overalls with Hammerite smooth black gloss paint.   They stayed pristine for all of 5 hours.

After feeling smug about the wheel I decided that this weekend was the time to start tackling the electrics.   How difficult can it be to wire up a 1980’s farm bike?   I have this to work with.


Plus another three lots of switches and some other bits and pieces that I found after I’d captured the above image.  I don’t even know which way round the wiring loom goes.  I think that Little Project’s wiring loom is sort of complete.   It is challenged because a previous owner took snips to every block of cables and just cut them through.  If this hadn’t happened then we’d be in wiring heaven (although I suppose Little Project may never have come my way) but my remarkably tech-savvy son is coming to visit me shortly so I may just purchase a shed load of different coloured  wire and give it to him saying “make me one of these my boy”.

I definitely made a start on fitting the electrics.  Look!


That is officially an ignition switch.   I truly can’t see it being turned on my birthday and hearing the roar of all 11 Little Project Horse Powers throbbing through the shed, but the teasing chance that it may happen is still there.

I also did a “lights” count.   I have 4 rear indicators, two front indicators, half a headlight and two tail lights,   HOAP tail light is very different from Little Projects in that:

  1. It is new and not rusty
  2. It works
  3. It is a different shape

Being a different shape I have decided to go with my original one.   A quick rub down (I should point out here that “A quick rub down” generally involves about two hours work and several bleeding knuckles) and a whizz over with what was left of the spray after doing a Banksy on my bum and we end up with this.

Back light

Which I think is looking good allowing for my limited skills with paint.   Notice that this is using the “Hanging from a piece of climbing rope” technique rather than utilising the “balanced on a kebab stick” method mentioned in earlier posts.

I’m not sure what to do next week!   There’s so much that I could be doing so I think I shall just wait and see what takes my fancy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.   I hope that it has kept you occupied for a couple of minutes.