The turned head.

There is a colleague of mine at work.   He’ll know who he is (obviously, what a stupid thing to say!).   He is considering buying a motorcycle to commute to work on.   We both travel 20+ miles into the office every day and approximately half the travel time is spent on the 5 or so miles between motorway and offices.   There’s many a bike slips between the lanes of traffic and generates an envious glance so it makes perfect sense.

Colleague sort of asked – you will all be aware, as a middle aged bloke, it doesn’t take long for our interest to overflow into possibly unwanted enthusiasm for something mentioned in passing – So colleague sort of mentioned this and I was off on eBay like a ferret on the trail of a rabbit…

We need to take a break here.  Have you seen the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”?  It was remade in the ’90’s with Christopher Reeve playing the lead.  Anyway, I’m not hinting that I am in a wheelchair and I am certainly not suggesting that there’s a murder going on across the road but I have distracted by some rather unusual goings-on in the flat opposite.  There seems to be a table cloth waving competition going on.   Can’t explain it any better than that but there have been several different pieces of material appear at the window, shaken (but not stirred) and then removed to pastures new.  I shall report if anything further occurs.

Back to colleague.  In the search for something interesting for him to ride I came across the next project.   It’s not quite so little and it will have to still be on sale when Little Project is completed but it does look very interesting.   Described as “NC30 in need of TLC” this is a bike that already runs.  I do hope it stays unsold until I am ready for it.

I have been sitting in the sun (although not waiting for senorita to show) and working on Little Project this weekend.  It has involved the remarkably boring job of putting things together.   The bike is starting to look like, well, a bike!   I was a little disappointed that the front wheel did not show up on Friday as promised because it would have meant that Little Project could move around without the need for several muscle men from the local gym coming in to pick it up.  We are currently looking like this.

LP 1                  LP2

Frankly, it is amazing.   If you look closely at the second of the pictures above you will see that the Little Project engine bay has now become the repository for “Next bit to do”.   Next bit in this case features fitting everything to the handlebars and making it all work.   Trouble is, it has been so long since I actually rode a motor cycle that I can’t remember which bits go where.   I’ve been pretending to ride a bike as I go about my daily chores, I reckon that the twist grip is probably on the left hand side but haven’t quite worked out which side are brake and clutch.   I’m sure it will become apparent as time goes by.  If you look really closely at the above pictures you will also notice that shed floor has taken on an interesting hue.   I’m quite glad that I covered up the various odds and ends that make up my life in the shed because everything is red (RAL3020).  Once again I have underestimated the distance that overspray will travel in a calm and quiet area.   The lawn mower is red (it was red anyway, but it is now redder).   My wellingtons are red.  The little box that contains the seeds that I should have sown in May is red.  I bet that if I could find the 10mm spanner it would be red as well.

Plan for the week is to make anything that attaches to the handlebars look like new.  This is probably going to involve paint that isn’t red.    Plan for the weekend is to celebrate the coming of July with some old friends, so there may not be much to talk about next Sunday.   What would be good would be for lots of you to ask some questions about Little Project by using the “comments” box that exists somewhere towards the bottom of this page.  I shan’t hold my breath.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit.  I hope that for those in the northern hemisphere, the summer is exactly as you dream of it and for those in the southern half, your winter is mild but exhilarating.  If you are in Australia (I know that at least one of you are) then I’m really sorry about the Lion’s tour but we need to win on Saturday.